Schedules & Holiday Style

October 9th, 2011 · Written by: Cristina Ladin · Copyright: Cristina Ladin & Palm Beach Woman

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It's time to pencil it in - your holiday style plan that is. All your important appointments are scheduled and now comes the age-old question: what to wear. In business, putting your best foot forward is the ultimate goal and having stellar personal style is simply one more element that can make you shine. Here are a couple of insider tips, tricks and trends to help you to reach every working woman's ultimate goal - looking chic and feeling confident from day to night. So let's start planning.


Pre Party Prep

That biz cocktail party will be here before you know it. Skip on stress and plan your outfits now.

The Little Black Pump

It's a whisper of sophistication that packs a power punch. This versatile classic is the perfect go-to piece to float though your day with confidence.

Bag It Up

Look chic from day to night by packing your outfit and styling essentials into one tidy bag for easy access. Makes quick primping a breeze.


Pencil Skirt

The professional staple of the season. The versatility of this iconic piece is unparalleled in styling options. Look for unique glistening embellishments or luxurious textured tweeds to have this smart skirt transition seamlessly.

The Tie-Neck Blouse

Look sharp and lady chic by adding a touch of drama. Play into your femininity and recall a 1970's look that will have you commanding influence. Tuck this top into your favorite tailored trousers for a perfect business cocktail soirée.


This lux color of the season is stunningly chic. Its elegance will have you ruling the boardroom by day while captivating the evening. Try it as a dress or incorporate just a splash with a bold accessory.

- By Cristina Ladin