Editing Your Closet

May/June 2011 · Copyright: Boca Magazine

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How is it, with closets bulging at the seams, that we still feel as if we have nothing to wear? To find out how to cope with this closet conundrum, we reached out to personal stylist Cristina Padrón Ladin, owner of Live-Couture (, 954/849-3213) for help with making our closet spaces feel light and airy again.

1. DEFINE; Assess what you have in terms of wardrobe pieces and closet space. Sorting pieces by type and color will reveal things you overbuy; Do you have a dozen white shirts and no camisoles?

2. REFINE: Edit pieces, keeping those that are current, fit well and are in good condition. Classic pieces are the foundation of your wardrobe, so let go of outdated trends.

3. CONSIGN: Identify items to tailor, repair or donate. Consigning pieces can yield found money to fill gaps in your collection.

4. ALIGN: Using matching quality hangers, hang like with like, creating sections for skirts, pants and dresses. Group tops and jackets by sleeve length. Order garments from light to dark within each category so you can always pull what you need.

5. DESIGN: Create accessible storage systems for shoes, scarves, belts, bags, jewelry and other accessories. You want to be able to see your entire collection at a glance. With the help of a professional stylist or fashion savvy friend, assemble complete outfits, compiling a personal look book so you'll be prepared for every occasion.


At 28, Cristina Padrón Ladin's passion for fashion is contagious. After earning a degree in public relations and marketing from UCE she plunged headfirst into producing high-profile events for major brands, with top celebrity talent like Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, and Jessica Alba. Along the way, as her sense of fashion evolved and heightened, she decided to set up shop as a personal stylist. Happy clients spread the word, and business is booming.

"If I can put a client into a great look, they are getting compliments and everything really takes off," Ladin says.

Services start at $350 for an in-home wardrobe consultation, and personal-shopping sessions are available in two-hour blocks. Ladin also helps clients set up organizational systems (from custom cabinets to storage solutions) that fit their space.