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March 4th, 2011 · Written by: Blair Cassuto · Edited by: Bridgette · Copyright:

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Live-Couture has come to your wardrobe's rescue with a simple consultation from the fashionista herself, Cristina Ladin. Her flair for fashion and exceptional listening skills help her to fully understand her client's needs and wants. Before opening just two years ago after her best friend had passed away in a sudden car accident, Ladin was reminded of the beautiful fragility of life and the importance of turning your dreams into a reality. "It made me realize how short life is, and how you have to just live in the moment and do what you've always wanted to do," Cristina explains. "I had always wanted that creative freedom that comes with opening your own business, so I went for it."

When meeting with Cristina for the first time, she mainly focuses on helping create her client's own individual style and hone in on their essence. "When they first contact me, they start out by telling me that they want to step up their look and have no idea where to begin," Ladin tells us, "That's when I come in. Meeting with them allows me to see what their lifestyles are like, and catch a glimpse at who they are style-wise."

As an expert shopper with an astonishing gift for putting different pieces of clothing together at the drop of a hat, Cristina's goal is to give her clientele a "four-seasoned experience." "It's a very detailed process that is a really nice customer experience," she declares, "I want my clients to feel they can come to me with anything at anytime." With her dedication towards really listening to her clients, Cristina has proven to have exceptional customer satisfaction.

When asked how people find out about her services, Ladin explained how most of the references were word of mouth by friends or relatives. "My clients' friends take note of their difference in style and confidence, and ask them their secret. They refer me, which is how I've built up most of my clientele." As a constantly growing business, Cristina owes it to her dedication to making her customers feel good about themselves. "I always go above and beyond, usually exceeding people's expectations," Cristina states, "I do my best to deliver an exceptional experience for them because I want them to feel amazing in their clothes. If they're happy, I'm happy."

"Trust is also a main factor in Live-Couture's philosophy," Cristina explains, "Most of my clients have really busy lives, and they put their trust in me to deliver the best quality clothes under a particular budget. I make sure to never do anything that would break trust, and I always have their best interests at heart."

In spite of an average day, we have all had that moment where we experience a fashion emergency and have no idea what to do. Cristina's job is to turn an emergency into an opportunity for fashion greatness. "I try to work with my clients as far in advanced as possible, so they have as many options as they need for different occasions; however, things tend to pop up at the last minute," Ladin exclaims. "They'll tell me that they're going to the Bahamas for the weekend, and since I already know their taste, I can just grab a couple bikinis and totes for them, making their lives that much easier."

Although Cristina admits to shining under pressure, she confesses there were some obstacles in the way of starting her business. "In the beginning, finding the clientele to build my business was really hard" Cristina divulges, "I had difficulty in finding what type of services I was going to provide, as well as trying not to overcomplicate simple things, which was preventing me from moving forward." Proving to be a great sensation, Ladin has built a reputation of renovating wardrobes of working women far and wide with her perseverant and dedicated attitude.

In hopes of expanding her company sometime in the future, Cristina enlightens us with some helpful information that has assisted in motivating her throughout this whole process. "I always tell myself, no matter if my success is small or large, I'm always one step closer to achieving my goal. The little changes end up enhancing the whole experience, without you even knowing it." logo

Photo by: Little's Photography / courtesy of Neiman Marcus, Fort Lauderdale.