Clothing Canvas

December 2009 · Written By: NILA DO · Copyright: Boca Life Magazine

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Cristina Padrón Ladin wants to go into your closet. And style you. Fabulously.

Cristina Padrón Ladin never wants you to wake up not knowing what to wear. Founder of LIVE-COUTURE, Ladin has been styling blank clothing canvases for the past year, addressing sartorial conundrums from head to toe. Possessing an innate entrepreneurial spirit ("My grandfather owned a candy store... And, when I was a little girl, I used to sell my grandfather's candy on the playground at a marked-up price."), the 27-year-old Ladin created LIVE-COUTURE to give women the confidence to put together memorable and classic outfits for any occasion. "Clothes is art," the stylist simplifies. "It's a way of expressing yourself and bringing what's inside out."

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