Personal Styling Testimonials

Darelynn Prejean, Partner Sea Level Marine Outfitting Contractors

I was referred to Live Couture by a colleague of mine. As a business owner with a very hectic travel schedule I found their services to be invaluable. As an annual customer, Cristina assists me with every aspect of my personal wardrobe to include closet clean out, shopping for special occasions and packing for long trips. Cristina invests time getting to know her clients and tailoring a program suited to their specific personal needs and goals. I chose Live Couture over other personal stylists I had interviewed because Cristina's knowledge of the fashion industry combined with her attention to detail is unmatched.

Gina Albanese, Stay-at-home Mom, Former Attorney

At our first meeting, Cristina pulled together several outfits - shoes and all - from my existing wardrobe that I never imagined pairing together. I was thrilled to be able to wear each of those outfits during an event the following weekend and felt great knowing I looked put together and stylish. Cristina next helped expand my wardrobe adding pieces that I will cherish for many years. What I love most about Cristina is her ability to work with and enhance my style without imposing a style or look that's not right for me. This is especially remarkable given she is 20 years my junior. Cristina takes the time to know and understand her clients, their tastes, and comfort level. I trust her fashion sense completely and am very thankful to have found her and LIVE-COUTURE.

Kimberly Sawyer, Marketing and Brand Manager CDS, Inc.

Cristina Ladin is the perfect blend of professionalism and approachability. She made me feel extremely comfortable while assessing my wardrobe and learning about my lifestyle. I was doubtful any stylist would be able to capture the look I desired, but Cristina absolutely nailed it. She offered chic ideas for my current wardrobe and brought in insanely plush -- and affordable -- new pieces to take my style to the next level. I am beyond thrilled and recommend Cristina to all those wanting to update and upgrade their looks.

Nikki Velasco Oden, Attorney Holland & Knight

LIVE-COUTURE has completely changed the way I dress. After spending just one afternoon with Cristina of LC rearranging my closet, I find myself putting patterns and colors together that I wouldn't have dared to wear before. And I know I look good because I get all kinds of compliments! Not only does Cristina know what she's talking about, but she's accessible. She's always quick to respond - in fact, within an hour after I emailed her for help in finding the perfect shoe to wear for my wedding, which also had to be my "something blue," she responded with exactly what I was looking for. She does not disappoint!

Christie Caliendo, Public Relations Professional

I've always considered myself somewhat fashionable and trendy, but suddenly found a large closet full of lots of clothes that weren't working together. I couldn't get my groove back, no matter how many magazines I read and tried to emulate. Thank goodness I discovered Cristina Ladin! Her keen eye was able to comb through my massive pile of nonsense and discern classic and cool from expendable. We kept key pieces and she showed me new ways to group outfits-combinations I never would have created in a million years on my own. Cristina was able to also show me what I needed to round out my wardrobe and my look, and taught me new ways to eye fashion. And it is not just a cookie cutter way that she has of styling her clients. She gets to know not just you and your personality, but how you live your life and what your dream look would be - who you want to be and how you want to be perceived. She has refreshed my look and I can't thank her enough for re-energizing my passion for fashion!

Sarah Templeton, Marketing Director Templeton & Company

I love fashion, and I love to shop, however I am not so great at mixing and matching all the pieces that I buy and love. Cristina took the time to go through my wardrobe and show me what I could toss, what I could re-work and accessorize, and what basics I needed so I can create even more outfits from what I already own. She took the time to assess my personal style and help me pull it all together. She is a gift!

Nila Do, Managing Editor Gulfstream Media Group

First impressions are lasting, and for Cristina Padron Ladin, my impression of her was defining. As an editor for a lifestyle magazine that emphasizes on fashion, I found Cristina extremely personable and forward-thinking. Not to mention super-stylish. Beyond that, working with her on a professional level with her assisting on our stories and lending us her expertise has been something our magazine has lacked over the years. Her insight into fashion makes her a contact I'm grateful to have.

Tiffany Tobol, Owner Web Chique Marketing

Cristina's services are amazing! She has totally redefined the way I dress and think about clothes. I used to be an impulsive shopper that had a closet full of things that were cheap and did not work well together. Now I am starting to build the wardrobe that I have always dreamed of and feel so much better about my look. With every consultation and shopping trip we take, my closet gets better. And believe it or not, I am getting better stuff yet spending a lot less.

Kimberly Richeson, former Society Scene Editor

"It was Society Scene's top issue of the year, the annual Season Preview, and we planned to feature a never-before fashion cover. I needed a stylist, someone who understood our vision and could bring it to life. Without hesitation, I called Cristina. She created a breathtakingly beautiful look - both timeless and classic - which embodied everything the publication is and strives to be. The issue was the most successful to date and I believe Cristina's creative involvement contributed to its success."

Jennifer Little-Kiss, Owner Little's Photography

I am a confident person in most aspects of my life. However, I find, choosing what to wear and shopping are big areas of doubt and stress. I know what I like when I see it on others, but can't always make the right choices for myself. In a world where image is very important, I found Cristina Ladin of Live-Couture, to be a tool I can not live without.

One day before a big social outing, I found myself in need of a bathing suit. One call to Cristina and she had "pulled" 5 suits in my size and preferred style. ALL 5 were good, but 2 were PERFECT! I was done in 20 minutes. That would have been a week of bad moods and frustration, not to mention time wasted that I don't have.

I strongly suggest, if you are tired of wasting time and money on clothing you don't wear, to try Cristina Ladin Live-Couture. Her talent for fashion combined with her sweet and easy nature is a resource you can rely on.

Rebecca Browning, Logistics Coordinator BBC International, LLC

Live Couture is an absolute treasure for those of us that care about looking great, but lack the time or vision to achieve our desired look. I was given a beautiful Hermès scarf but I was intimated-afraid I would wear it incorrectly- so it remained in the darkest corner of my closet. During my initial consultation, Cristina not only showed me fun and playful ways to wear this beautiful scarf, but she also pieced together an ensemble entirely from pieces out of my own closet to wear with it. The solution was right in front of me all that time; but I would have never seen it without Cristina's help. At the end of the initial consultation, I was already set to don a new look and I had not even set foot in a store! Shortly thereafter, Cristina continued to impress in our shopping session, purposed for finding the perfect look for an upcoming special occasion. By the end of our session, I walked away with even more than I had hoped for. Soon after at a special anniversary dinner with my husband, I felt so glamorous in my Live Couture head to toe look. If you love to have your expectations exceeded as I do, I definitely recommend Live Couture!